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Wooden Hot Tubs



      Why should one choose wooden hot tubs:

      • Completely natural experience, no artificial built-in materials used;
      • 3 different wood types (Siberian spruce, larch and thermo wood);
      • Solid natural wood;
      • Round models in various sizes for 4-12 persons (diameter: 1600 – 2200 mm);
      • Water capacity 1800 – 3400 l (depends on the size);
      • Lower prices compared to polypropylene (PP) and fiberglass models.
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      What to consider firstly:

      • Wooden hot tubs require more maintenance;
      • Cleaning is more complex compared to polypropylene (PP) or fiberglass models;
      • Leakage for the first days of utilization may be expected due to natural properties of wood;
      • At least 10 cm of water must always be left in the wooden hot tub in order to avoid wood contractions;
      • Much heavier compared to PP or fiberglass models. Weight: 300-450 kg (depends on size and wood type);
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