<<The sorrow for low quality lasts longer than the joy for smaller prices!>>

Dear Customer, please stop for a minute and read this article since it is essential before making a further decision on your new purchase. – Dr. Albertas Klovas, CEO at TimberIN MB.

Firstly, on behalf of TimberIN, I say a big thank you for visiting our online stores. Following the increase of emails of mislead customers, I feel it is very important to widely share about what is happening in an online hot tub market today and how “TimberIN MB” makes a difference.

So basically I divided the report into 5 main parts:

  1. TimberIN in a vast European hot tub market;
  2. Today`s biggest challenges;
  3. How do we fight plagiarism;
  4. Constant improving and R&D (research and development) by TimberIN;
  5. Conclusions. 

1. TimberIN MB in a vast European hot tub market.

“The big four” is a well-known abbreviation for leading European companies producing wood fired hot tubs and saunas. “The big four” includes “Kirami” from Finland; “Skargards” from Sweden; “Storvatt” from France and “TimberIN” from Lithuania. Almost nobody questions the quality and precision of services these companies offer.

The main strength here at “TimberIN” is our product list. Without a doubt, including outdoor saunas, it is one of the biggest selections available. We look forward to minimize the companies’ costs in order to offer our products and services for affordable prices.

“TimberIN’s products are great value for money” – this is usually how customers refer to us!

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2. Today`s biggest challenges in online hot tub market.

Without any doubt, today`s online store is a great place to make a purchase from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, one is not able to experience the product prior the reception. While this might not be an issue for inexpensive products, but spending a substantial amount can make a difference. So what is there to consider?

  • Many LITHUANIAN companies copy our website and model designs. There is a handful of companies which, following our success, try to copy “TimberIN`s” concept and ideas. For fair trade purposes, we will not mention the names of websites but if looked closer one could easily see the similarities. The main outcome is that the customers are being misled and eventually they face tons of problems instead of having wonderful and relaxing time with their family and friends.
  • The same company has 2 or more websites with different names. In today`s market, there are 90 % of re-sellers and not the producers. Many companies are generating a few or more websites with different names just to appear on search engines.  This problem leads to more “noise” in google therefore eventually customers face struggles finding quality and unique products.
  • The design of TimberIN`s models are being copied. Very little attention is being paid on quality of materials used for production. The problem very much concerns the inappropriate type or thickness of materials which leads in strength failures, rust, leakage, etc. Construction of hot tubs being carried out in garages or other non-tailored facilities leads to various defects which are caused by inappropriate manufacturing conditions (low temperatures, dust, humidity etc.. result in failures in welding of polypropylene or casting of fiberglass or simply in fungi in wood).  In short, one may save some money by significantly reducing the quality of products and services.
  • Very little or no education at all. In order to construct quality products qualified and experienced personnel is a necessity. TimberIN is constantly putting a lot of time and effort making sure that our workers are trained and qualified for such job. Would you consider taking a bath in a hot tub where electrical installation was prepared without meeting the requirements? Professional, highly educated and experienced personnel is equally important to maintain a top-notch customer service.  

So apparently there are many problems in this market today because many re-sellers are lacking experience and education needed to offer quality products and services.

3. How do we fight plagiarism?

It is quite tough fighting the plagiarism of our website and product models. Unlike the majority of other websites, we don’t hide behind the screens. We introduce ourselves, one can know us better by seeing or reading about us. Each and every one of you are always welcome to visit our office or factory.

With regards to our models, please pay attention, that in almost all pictures and videos you will notice our brand metal “TimberIN” logo which you are able to see on the left side of the screen. So one can be 100 % sure seeing only TimberIN`s produced and unique models.

4. Constant improving and R&D (research and development) by TimberIN MB.

Here at “TimberIN” in collaboration with university laboratories we are constantly researching and developing. We pay much attention on the influence of minus temperatures on material`s strength properties. It is utmost important for products made of fiberglass. Our second topic of interest is timber`s movement in different temperature and humidity.

Currently “TimberIN`s” R&D team together with European funding institutions is working on 3D technology for a “Smart Tub” technology. “Smart Tub” is a patent and certified technology of “TimberIN” and will be released soon.

<<Properties of materials. Adjusting the rheological properties of fiberglass mixture. Testing the bond strength of glued wood >>

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5. Conclusions.

To conclude, we believe that well-educated staff together with collaboration partners and constant R&D is the key to success. The easiest way to evaluate the business is to know what previous customers say about it. We have many reviews from our loved customers and if you feel just a bit unsure, please contact us and we will provide references from almost every country in Europe. So do not hesitate and let us be your outdoor spa professionals.

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